What does it involve?

Stage 1 of the Master Plan involved the development of the following, of which each stage is now complete:

Stage 1A Multi-level beachfront retirement apartments to be located at the corner of Esplanade and Repton Rd, comprising 48 apartments over 3 levels, communal facilities (swimming pool, gymnasium, library, kitchen, dinning room and outdoor recreational space) and secure basement Carparking
Stage 1B Ten, single storey group dwellings and a three storey apartment building, comprising 17 apartments to support existing Minda residents
Stage 1C

Construction of a wetland system, formed by storm water runoff which will be collected in bio-retention swales

With Stage 1 construction complete, Minda is awaiting the outcome of the DPA from the State Government before Stage 2 will commence.

For more information on the DPA, follow visit the DPA for the Master Plan section of the website.