Disability Choices is a service for people with disability, and their families, which enables them to make informed choices about their lives through the provision of:

  • Expert advice – for what the government, other service providers and Minda can offer
  • Advocacy – for when you need another person to talk to, or help you express your wishes, or just ask questions
  • Consultancy – for realising what assistance and services are available and guidance with managing individualised funding.

The service can be accessed by a freecall number 1800 1 MINDA (64632)

Or you can fill out this form to get in touch with Disability Choices and arrange your free, one hour consultation.

Disability Choices help people with disability and their families:

  • Understand how individualised funding works
  • Determine the process of securing a service in employment, accommodation, recreation, personal care, respite, in-home support, vacation care
  • Discover training programs, individualised to specifically target a personal need
  • Connect individuals with other like-minded people in recreational activities
  • Link up with service provider(s) that best match an individual’s needs.

Disability Choices helps you navigate the system to find services and supports that suit you.

Our five step process establishes:

  1. What Disability Choices can do for you
  2. A pathway that supports the whole family
  3. What level of support is required, and in what area(s)
  4. The right service provider(s)
  5. How to apply and associated costs

Download our brochure here