MyChoices - Minda's NDIS pre-planning tool

Minda is one of the largest and most respected disability support organisations in SA. Our free, online pre-planning tool can help you prepare and learn about the NDIS. Our specialist Disability Choices team has developed MyChoices to help you plan for the future and get the support and services you need.


Our MyChoices online tool provides support to South Australian families navigating the NDIS.

It has been developed hand-in-hand with our specialist Disability Choices team, the people we support and their families. With their help, we have developed a tool that has you at the heart and in the mind every step of the way.

MyChoices includes:

  • Frequently asked questions about the NDIS
  • A free pre-planning tool to help you prepare for your planning meetings with the NDIA
  • Videos to help you better understand the planning process
  • An electronic system offering tailored quotes for Minda services

MyChoices helps take away the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the NDIS planning process by walking you through what is needed to prepare your NDIS plan – something we think puts you truly at the centre of decision-making.