Minda Consultative Council

We are pleased to launch the Minda Consultative Council (MCC) and we are calling for expressions of interest.

The MCC is a group of our Customers defined as a parent, brother, sister or the guardian of, or the person who stands in loco parentis to, a person with intellectual disability to whom Minda provides services or facilities - who will meet regularly (with staff support) to provide feedback to Minda.

MCC representatives share their own unique knowledge and lived experience of disability. They represent all aspects of Minda, as users of full-time supported accommodation, recreation and respite, supported employment, and allied health.

The MCC representatives shall be members of a standing committee (made up of 7-9 members), who will meet with the Chair as required. They will also form and coordinate various Minda working groups which will convene from time to time to address various aspect of the Minda experience including:

  1. Supported Accommodation
  2. Ageing in place/Aged Care
  3. Allied Health
  4. Supported Employment
  5. Care of children
  6. Clinical governance
  7. Governance reform of Minda Inc
  8. Other areas (as determined by Minda Chair from time to time)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MCC, please fill in an Expressions of Interest (EOI) form at this link and send to president@minda.asn.au

Please direct any questions you have about the EOI process to the Company Secretary at, board@minda.asn.au

You can also read the Terms of Reference here.