Minda Consultative Council

Membership of the new Minda Consultative Council (MCC) has been announced; Lyn Magee, Wes Ashman, Kym Hancock, David Holst, Belinda Harrington, Patricia Brougham and Liz Ward will meet regularly, with staff support, to provide feedback to Minda.
Board Chair Joanne Denley says the MCC will ensure broad stakeholder engagement for all clients of Minda services.
“Our MCC representatives are all family or guardians of Minda clients, who share their own unique knowledge and lived experience of disability,” Joanne says.
“They represent all aspects of Minda, from accommodation, recreation and respite, to supported employment and allied health services. This will ensure the Board has access to appropriate advice, thus supporting and enhancing its strategic focus.”

Joanne says there was a strong response from family members keen to join the MCC.
“What is particularly exciting about the MCC is that we will be able tap into the invaluable insight of family members to enhance our Voice of Customer framework by understanding areas of need, and then providing services that deliver on those needs with family expectations firmly front of mind,” she says.

Pictured L-R: Wes Ashman, Belinda Harrington, Jo Denley, Patricia Brougham, Kym Hancock, Lyn Magee, David Holst and Liz Ward.


You can read the MCC Terms of Reference here.