Money Skills

What money can buy, how you can save, and understanding where money comes from are just a few of the topics covered in Money Training courses.

Depending on the individual’s cognitive abilities, simple budgeting and savings strategies are also explored with relevant examples and scenarios offered.

For example:

Greg liked to buy a can of soft drink every day. Although Greg didn’t want to give up soft drinks entirely, Money Training showed him that if he cut down to two cans of soft drink per week, he could save the remaining money and in three months take a holiday to Victor Harbor.

‘Wants’ versus ‘needs’ are also covered; for example, although Mary wants to buy a computer game, she needs to buy a bus ticket.

Simple ideas for saving are also encouraged and explored, for example, choosing to buy a bottle of water from the supermarket, instead of the petrol station or deli.

The training can also involve understanding where money comes from, whether it is a pension, from parents, from work, or a combination and also what different money looks like and what amounts you need to buy regular items, such as Metrocards.