How to Apply

To become a Tenant(s), a Registration of Interest needs to be lodged with Minda. It is important to note that lodging a Registration of Interest does not guarantee an offer of housing. Available vacancies are allocated to those considered to have the most urgent housing need and considered to be a best match the available property.

How to Register Interest
Get in touch with Minda via our website here or contact Minda's Disability Choices on 1800 164 632.

If you have a Disability SA case worker or social worker they will assist you to register.

The Minda Tenancy Officer or Disability SA Accommodation Placement Panel (APP) will nominate you for vacancies with Minda.

Eligibility Criteria
Minda provides housing specifically for individuals and families living with disability. Eligibility may include the following criteria:

  • A person/family member living with disability on a low income
  • A person/family member living with disability and receiving a high level of personal support
  • The property is accessible for the unique requirements of the person/family member living with disability.

What happens once a Registration of Interest is submitted?
Even if an applicant has special circumstances, it can still take a very long time before a property becomes available as there may be other applicants with special circumstances who have already been approved for earlier housing assistance or the properties that become available may not match Tenant(s) circumstances.

When a property becomes available, Minda will go through a matching process and contact suitable applicants.

Add to My Choices

My Choices

Create a list of services you're interested in by using the "Add to My Choices" button. Then submit the form to Disability Choices and Minda will help connect you with services.