Minda will ensure all information including letters, newsletters are clear, are written in plain English and easy to read for applicants and existing tenants.

Minda may make arrangements for information in an alternate language and may use professional interpreter services where appropriate.

Staff will need to be satisfied that, should the applicant or tenant use their own interpreter, the person is appropriately qualified and that using this interpreter is in the best interests of the tenant.

The interpreter must be over the age of 16 years.

The written policies and procedures of Minda will be accessible to any member of the public upon request.

Specific information sheets will be available on the applicant selection criteria.

Applicants or Tenants are welcome to bring friends, family or advocates of their choice to any interview or meetings.

Tenant Newsletters

It is important that we keep tenants informed as to what is happening in their local area and the Minda community. We distribute quarterly newsletters that include information on activities and event tenants might like to be involved in.

We welcome and encourage tenant contributions to the newsletters.

Add to My Choices

My Choices

Create a list of services you're interested in by using the "Add to My Choices" button. Then submit the form to Disability Choices and Minda will help connect you with services.