PKC update

As of 1 July 2019, the Australian Government introduced eight new Aged Care Quality Standards, with each covering important aspects of the care we provide at the Minda Nursing Home, PKC.

A recent Review Audit by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) was our first full audit against all of the new standards and identified areas for improvement.

“The auditors have provided us with some extremely helpful feedback about how we are tracking against the new standards, and what more Minda can do to care for the residents of PKC within a very prescriptive set of guidelines,” CEO Dr Clare Allen says.

“The newly appointed Executive team and the new Minda Board have been focused on embedding these new Standards into our practices, policies and procedures, and the clinical governance committee (which was established last year) continues to add real value to our efforts.”

Under the direction of an independent Chair with experience and skills across the Aged Care and Disability sectors, the Minda Board receives expert advice on clinical governance matters and what is needed to comply with evolving industry Standards.

In addition, we have recently announced two new appointments within PKC as part of our commitment to enhance quality care and support for residents.

We have welcomed Jeane Hall as a specialist advisor to help build on key systems and processes, along with the permanent appointment of Liz Scammell as Residential Services Manager (RSM) after having acted in the role.

“Our staff continue to operate within the strictest care guidelines ever seen in Australian history, and this has been further complicated by an unprecedented global pandemic,” Clare says.

“Embracing change has allowed us to enhance the way we deliver care at PKC, and we remain committed to continuously improving the way we work to ensure we provide the best care to the people we support.”