Emma's 50th

Our Supported Independent Living (SILs) client Emma recently celebrated her 50th birthday!

While social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic has put a hold on parties, our support staff at Campbell Street, Oaklands Park, wanted to make sure Emma felt special for her milestone birthday.

Laurin King has worked at Minda for three years as a disability support worker in our community accommodation at Campbell Street. She worked with Emma for two years and is currently working with Emma’s neighbour Emily.

Laurin wanted to make sure Emma had a great start to her birthday.

“I was doing a fill-in night shift with Emma on a Tuesday night, the night before her birthday, and I had some origami paper I’d used doing art with Emily in my bag. I thought it would be a wonderful thing for Emma to wake up to a big Happy Birthday sign on the wall,” Laurin says.

“So, after I put her to bed, I cut out the letters and stuck them to the wall.

“I have a lovely rapport with Emma, so I like to go the extra mile to make things special.”

While Laurin didn’t get to see Emma’s reaction when she got up the next morning, she was happy to hear from fellow staff members that Emma was super excited to see her name on the wall.

“It was a team effort to make her birthday a special one,” Laurin says.