Blend Creative exhibition at SAY Kitchen

State Attorney General Vicki Chapman launched an art exhibition earlier this month displaying recent project work from designers at Blend Creative.

“The idea for the exhibition came about when we saw the team’s work following an Adobe Photoshop education exercise,” says Blend Creative trainer Andrew.

“The exercise was about choosing a couple of images, and using these as a base to experiment with various layers and colour treatments. The results were amazing. And despite all artists using the same process, the results were also highly individualised and beautifully personal.

“We knew we wanted everyone to see the results, so we selected a piece by each team member, from literally dozens of options each!”

Each piece has a name, but are intentionally left without descriptions, allowing the audience to view beyond the immediate visual, and develop their own interpretation.

Addressing the artists at the launch event, Attorney General Vicki Chapman said: “I hope it gives you a sense of pride having your work exhibited today, having done the work, and then had the courage to put that work on display for others, I hope it gives you pride about what you have achieved. Because that sense of pride is also what it’s about.”

Blend Creative is a multi service graphic design studio that has been providing real work opportunities to designers with disability since 1990.

The artwork is on public display in The Exhibition Space, Say Kitchen, 78 Currie Street, Adelaide (check online for updated opening times).