Wayne and Bill's Master Plan

At Minda there are 85 people who are about to start a new chapter in their lives by leaving older style accommodation to brand new, purpose-built houses and apartments.

Each person has choice around where they live, and who supports them and this choice and control is what the NDIS has promised people with disability and is the vision of Minda," project manager Libby Chapman says.

"One of the great stories we have seen is that of Wayne and Bill, who struck up a friendship and then decided to move into an apartment together."

Lisa Bowes adds: "Wayne was concerned about living alone, but expressed frustration at sharing a home with too many other people. On the other hand, Bill loves the company of others, but also finds the quiet of his own space appealing."

Both men love the footy, being involved in their community and having a laugh and when first asked if they would be interested in sharing an apartment, both gave a tentative "yes".

"Through spending time together with support of their staff, the men can now be seen chatting at Isabel’s most days, over a coffee, discussing the progress of construction and plans for their shared home," Lisa says.

"The men now have more choice about what they can do with their lives and who they would like to live with – and it really is as it should be, the person with disability gets to have the biggest say about where they live, who they want to live with and how they should live their life."