Tree of Life - Family At Play

Last month, the City of Holdfast Bay officially launched the 'Family at Play' tree sculpture created by Anthony ‘Ant’ Martin, a prominent wood sculptor from Millicent SA.

The artwork portrays the importance of family connectedness and community and of the sculpture, City of Holdfast CEO Justin Lynchand says, "it embraces a sense of joy, harmony and unity and is fitting tribute of the importance of family within our community.

"Wherever we live, our neighbourhood should be somewhere we want to be and are happy to belong to. Our open spaces are key to this, meeting a range of social, environmental and health benefits as well as making areas more attractive. That is why creating, protecting and enhancing these spaces is such a vital part of making neighbourhoods more attractive and more joyful places in which to live.”

The idea to transform the red river gum tree into a piece of art actually came from a council employee working in the tree team who was tasked with removing the tree, which had been identified as unsafe due to a large split.

The employee approached Council about the opportunity to get an artist to design and carve an artwork out of the impressive trunk and as a result give artists expressed interest in this project, with Ant being the successful artist.

Ant has many years of experience and an incredible ability to carve a tree in its natural environment; it took Ant just 32 days to create the amazing sculpture.