Profile on Viv Owen

Viv Owen has been volunteering at Minda’s aged care facility, PKC, for nearly three years – and says she enjoys making a small difference to people’s lives.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot … helping someone to smell the flowers, seeing the joy it brings,” she says.

Viv visits PKC on behalf of the St Jude’s, Brighton, Community Visitors Scheme, an Australian Government Initiative.

The scheme matches volunteers with aged care recipients to provide friendship and companionship.

Viv has been visiting Charmaine and Ron at PKC every Monday morning. She says her conversations with Charmaine can be a little bit one-sided.

“But I was really pleased to hear her say ‘Christmas card’ with a big smile on her face when I gave her one back in December,” Viv says.

“Over the time I have been visiting I have taken pages of stickers in for her to do, some colouring in, and I read stories to her.

“More recently, I’ve been helping her to finish her breakfast if necessary, and then take her out around the lovely grounds at Minda. She shows that she enjoys this by clapping her hands in anticipation, which is heart-warming.”

Viv says Ron enjoys looking at the local Messenger newspaper which she brings in from home.

“We talk about items of interest to him in the paper. I think it helps him to keep in touch with the world a little,” Viv says.

“We also work on simple craft activities and I have a few 20-piece puzzles which we enjoy doing together. If Ron’s keen, we go out for a walk, sometimes heading to Isabel’s Café to read The Advertiser.”

Viv says she’s recently made another friend in PKC, Lindsay: “Lindsay is really personable and chatty… he loves going out for walks around Minda… he certainly knows who I am, but he often calls me Julie Andrews!”

Thank you, Viv, for providing friendship at PKC; we really appreciate what you bring to Minda each week!