More than work at SAGE

Working at SA Group Enterprises is more than just a job for Donna – it’s about friendships, socialisation, self-confidence and self-worth.

Donna works in packaging at Reynella two days a week and says it gives her “a lot of other skills and enjoyment than simply what the work is”.

Donna, who is vision-impaired, says “work gives back to me as well”.

“Sometimes I might come into work feeling terrible. But then I get to work and someone says to me, ‘hello Donna, I’m having a wonderful day’. I ask them why they’re having a wonderful day and they say, ‘because you’re here’. And that just makes my day,” she says.

Donna currently works on a variety of jobs for some well-known South Australian brands and says that after her supervisor Robyn helps her with the set up, “then I’m good to go”.

Having worked in both mainstream and supported employment, she says supported employment provides “a fantastic opportunity”.

“When you get your pay slip, it gives your confidence a boost. When you’re able to do a job, it gives you that self-confidence and feeling of value,” she says.

SA Group Enterprises is currently on the lookout for more supported employees to join the team. Anyone interested can phone SA Group Enterprises at Reynella on (08) 7231 4975.