Lianne's Artistic Flair at Cottage Craft

Lianne has been attending Cottage Craft at Minda for 30 years and she is a fantastic artist! Lianne did an impromptu drawing of her dog, Toby, whipping up a lovely free-hand drawing in no time at all.

“I love drawing at home and I love sewing too,” Lianne says. “Making cards is my favourite type of art.”

Some of Lianne’s card designs have been used by Minda’s Strategic Marketing and Fundraising team, while Lianne has contributed to various community projects.

In 2014, she created a series of artworks for the ‘stobie pole project’, with stobie poles around Minda Brighton featuring a range of her colourful designs including dragonflies, butterflies, Australian wild flowers, koalas, parrots and peacocks.

Lianne started out at the then Sturt Cottage Craft in 1989, when she was in her final year at school.

Today, she attends MyPATH three days a week, and works at Laundry and Linen Services at Lonsdale two days a week.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store next, Lianne!