Jacy and Jason bringing joy

Meet Jacy Arthur, one of our talented supported employees at Blend Creative.

Jacy works as a graphic designer at Blend Creative two days a week and volunteers at Minda Brighton every Tuesday and ‘Companion for a day’ on Mondays.

On her way to Minda, she picks up singer and guitarist Jason, who is visually impaired and has Cerebral Palsy, and together they alternate between visiting Minda’s residential aged care facility PKC and the day options program in Verco.

We caught up with Jacy and Jason entertaining residents at Minda’s residential nursing home PKC recently, with Jason belting out some catchy tunes from The Beatles, Black Sorrows and Village People and everyone tapping their toes and singing along.

“Jason sings beautifully; I really enjoy working with him,” Jacy says.

Jacy has worked at Blend Creative (formerly Inprint Design) for 19 years. She is also the author of two books, If Only You Knew and If Only You Knew Too.

Her first book is about her life growing up in Broken Hill with cerebral palsy and severe hearing loss and her second book is about her adult life moving from Broken Hill to Adelaide, starting a computer course and being awarded top of her class.

Jacy also runs a companion service for people with disability called ‘Companion for a Day’. Thanks Jacy for everything you do!