COVID19: Message from the CEO

Now more than ever, people with disabilities, and those who are more vulnerable, need greater care.

Organisations like Minda which are working with vulnerable people are stepping up and taking precautionary measures, to protect the people we serve.

We often see the ‘worst’ and the ‘best’ in people when a crisis comes along. This is because it creates a sense of unease and discontent within us.

As Aristotle said, “The political is personal”. In other words, people often think of themselves first. But I would challenge everyone in the community to take a moment to imagine having a disability, or being frail and elderly, and feeling isolated and alone.

People with disability need ‘consistency of service’ and support, and they often need extra medical care and individual assistance. This is a frightening time for vulnerable people, as they see others become anxious, so I would ask everyone to please be strong, be consistent and help them to not be afraid.

With COVID-19, we are all in unchartered waters; it is not ‘business as usual’.

At Minda, we have taken many precautionary measures, including putting our nursing home into voluntary isolation and limiting access to our site from visitors. 

We are redefining the way we work and growing more as a team daily; in fact, the leadership team at Minda is operating in their ‘best self’ and the Board is incredibly supportive. Our managers and team leaders have been working under significant pressure to ensure we implement actions in the best interests of our clients and families.

For our residents, we are delivering home based activities to keep them active and engaged, we have redeployed our dedicated staff to make that happen, and we’re working with families who don’t have a day options solution right now and providing support as best we can.

We don’t have all the answers but we are monitoring developments as they occur. We are working with authorities to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and families remains our number one priority.

It’s important that we all do what we can to minimise the risk of infection. There are some simple things that are within our power to make a difference, especially through hand hygiene and social distancing. We can reduce risk by washing our hands on a regular basis, limiting travel and exposure to others, and staying home if we’re feeling unwell and seeking medical advice.

These are unprecedented times, but we are working hard behind the scenes for the care, safety and wellbeing of our clients. We’re here to serve, and we hope you can support us and stand by us through this time. This is the time for us all to work together and help one another.