Control Centre and rostering

One of Minda’s COVID-19 preparedness actions was to establish a Staff Vacancy Management (SVM) Control Centre to manage any significant staff absences that could eventuate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Manager Client Services Jocelyn Graham says while Minda remains COVID-19 free, we are taking our duty of care very seriously.

“By investing in preparation, should we be faced with staff shortages, we would be able to continue to provide a high-level of quality care and support to all our clients,” Jocelyn says.

Jocelyn has overall responsibility for the management of the Control Centre, temporarily located within INC Café. The Control Centre would become 24/7 in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, Client Services has consolidated all rosters into a single access point. Client Services staff who have responsibility for rosters are now rostering from this central point.

“As an interim measure, staff will continue to roster as current practice, future vacancies will be referred to the SVM team for triage and decision making, and Staff Connect will continue to assist with filling vacancies,” Jocelyn says.

“Simultaneously, the Client Services team has commenced building a Client Services single view roster that will over time streamline our rostering to gain efficiencies and increase our effectiveness.”

The Staff Connect team has now permanently transferred into the Client Services portfolio and Simon Stewart has been appointed as Workforce and Resourcing Specialist, having commenced with Minda on April 6.

Finally, the roster operations team comprises rostering representatives from across Client Services.

“A sincere ‘thank you’ goes to this team who have done a truly fabulous job in working together so effectively to transform and consolidate our rostering practices in such a short period,” Jocelyn says.