Client wellbeing is top priority

Dilip Jose works in the concierge role at Bright Way and Fassina Way at Minda Brighton. Having worked at Minda for nine years, he loves working to help improve people’s independence and confidence in their own abilities.

He says while COVID-19 restrictions have presented challenges, the support team has pushed to do their very best to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

“Our clients’ routines have drastically changed by this situation,” he says.

“Family visiting has reduced, and older parents themselves are in isolation.

“It can be an emotional change for the people we support, but staff and families are together trying to reduce the gap by using social networking or video chat wherever possible.”

Dilip, who is recognised as being calm and supportive of others during this time, believes Minda has taken very effective precautionary measures to ensure the living environment for Supported Independent Living clients and the working environment for accommodation staff is safe.

“All visitors and staff go through temperature checks and sign a declaration before they enter Minda houses or buildings. Clients temperatures are also monitored,” he says.

“We are practicing social distancing wherever possible. All the staff have completed an online course which promotes understanding of how to stop the spread of the virus and stay infection free.

“NuCaMs technology and communication plays a vital role in maintaining social distancing and staff-client communications.

“Medical appointments have changed to tele-consults and locum doctors are in high demand. We are lucky to have dedicated nurses on site who go above and beyond to attend where possible.”

Dilip says with MyPATH operating differently during this time, day options staff are coming to clients’ apartments or homes to interact, engage and stimulate with various activities, and this has worked well.

Furthermore, he says all necessary client and household information has been put together with an action plan so if any major change occurs within our community, the care of clients is not jeopardised.

Dilip says he has always enjoyed working at Minda and despite this challenging time, is proud that Minda always provides outstanding services to people with disability.

“The best thing in this job is that we push ourselves and the support team to do better every day, to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients,” he says.