Board and Executive Appointments

At its mid-year membership briefing on 12 June 2019, Minda announced a number of senior Board and Executive appointments as well as a suite of planned major initiatives designed to deliver benchmark care standards in response to the disruptive changes being experienced in the NDIS environment and Aged Care sector.

The announcement follows an independent organisation-wide governance review commissioned by the Minda Board which was supported by the Minda Association in February. The comprehensive review followed formal sanctions of Minda’s Nursing Home in December 2018 as a result of an audit by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

In early April, a follow up inspection of the Minda Nursing Home by assessors against 59 outcomes found significant improvement in all areas, particularly in resident safety, quality of care, lifestyle programs and the living environment.

Those inspection findings confirm that Minda now meets all expected standards, with sanctions to expire on 25 June.

Major capital investment in the Minda Nursing Home, rollout of extensive staff training and changes to ensure enhanced patient care protocols have all occurred. Minda is also reviewing its intake criteria, with priority to be given to Minda clients at the limited-bed facility as part of its whole-of-life commitment. In addition, as part of its on-boarding processes, Minda will ensure that it has the right capability and support in place to manage the individual requirements of any potential new clients before they are accepted.

Minda recognises that, despite the significant achievements and improvements made, sustainability will require ongoing external expertise and oversight. The Government-approved Administrator has been contracted as an independent consultant for a further 6-12 months to ensure the culture change and accredited service standards are further embedded and maintained longer term.

At the mid-year meeting, recently appointed CEO, Dr Clare Allen also provided details of new additions to the organisation’s senior leadership team, which includes the appointment of Mr Nick Stevens as Chief Financial Officer and the appointment of Ms Lois Andrijich as Executive Manager People, Culture and Change.

In addition, Ms Kym Shreeve has accepted the role of Executive Manager, Corporate Governance and Mr Andrew Stoll is the new Executive Manager of Customer Support Services.

The Minda Board also has a number of new appointments which include:

  • Ms Kylie Gallasch, Group Executive Corporate Services & Safety at ARTC
  • Mr Andrew Heard, Director at Chartered Accounting practice, Heard Phillips Lieberenz
  • Ms Joanne Denley, Professional Company Director
  • Mr Darryl Gobbett, Chief Economist and Financial Adviser at Baillieu Holst

In addition, Mr Terry McGuirk and Mr Jamie Dreckow have been appointed as Minda Housing Board members, while Andrew Heard will also be the new Chair for the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee.

These new Board, Committee and Executive appointments bring fresh thinking, new skills and the experience needed to address the recommendations made in the report.

Another major change initiative already completed is the establishment of a clinical governance committee which will have an independent Chair and members with skills across the Aged Care and Disability sectors to provide advice direct to the Board on clinical governance matters and ensure compliance with new Standards.

The Governance Review report provides a total of 35 recommendations designed to improve Minda and its service delivery, all of which have been endorsed by the Minda Board.

At a strategic level, recommendations will ensure better focus on Minda’s core purpose, ensuring the Association Rules reflect effective governance principles, enhanced Board representation and training, and an improved organisational structure.

From an operational perspective, recommendations will enhance compliance reporting, ensure better communication with clients and families, support an improved complaints system and clinical governance framework, and encourage a culture that focusses on exemplary service delivery.

The Minda Board and Executive are committed to getting on with the job of making Minda better, and working in partnership with clients, families and other stakeholders to make that happen.