Australian Business Excellence Framework

CEO Dr Clare Allen met with leaders across Minda to talk about the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) – an integrated leadership and management system which we recently adopted.

“For the last two decades, I have been successfully using the Australian Business Excellence Framework and I’m really excited to bring it to Minda,” Clare says.

“It’s based on what top performing companies do to be successful and can be applied across the organisation.”

The ABEF invites us to ask questions about the business, think about how we are performing as an organisation, what we are good at and where we need to improve.

“It’s about building a solid culture, gaining a better understanding of our customers and using an inclusive approach – with knowledge and experience sought from across the organisation – to stay focused on what is most important,” Clare says.

“It’s also making sure we work together with a framework so we can be here for the next 121 years.”

During one of the recent ABEF sessions, Clare spoke about her motivation for coming to Minda: “I go where I feel I can make the most profound difference and I’m here to serve Minda,” she says.

"The organisation’s purpose is good, motives are so pure and the stories of people who call Minda home are amazing – how can it not touch your heart.”