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Do you have a disability? Do you want to learn new skills, earn a wage and make new friends? Minda can help you find a job you love.

We can also help you with training and give you the support you need. Minda has so many different jobs on offer, in areas like manufacturing, catering, furniture construction, gardening, and working with computers.

Plus, there are vacancies available today!

So, if you want be part of a team, if you want to build your confidence, make new friends and do something you really enjoy, call Minda now - 1800 1 MINDA (64632)


What supported employment opportunities are there at Minda?
Minda employs people with disabilities in our Commercial Enterprises, five of which are based at Minda’s Brighton site.

We also operate MJP Employment Services, a federally-funded, specialist disability employment provider offering employment assistance and training services for people living with disability who require support to find and keep a job in the general labour market.

In the last financial year (2013-14) MJP provided services to over 230 people, including ongoing support to more than 70 people working in industries including retail, hospitality, cleaning services, manufacturing, administration and community services.


Areas of work available?
Minda helps to maximise employment opportunities by operating a diverse range of businesses to meet a variety of employment needs and skill levels of people with varying levels of disability via supported employment.

On the job skills training is complemented by skill development in areas which assist supported employees in both the workplace and daily life.

Minda’s Commercial Enterprises provides a variety of supported employment options, find more about our Commercial Enterprises here.


What is the process to apply and become a supported employee?
You can apply for a position in one of Minda’s Commercial Enterprises, or register your interest.

Or you can contact Minda’s Disability Choices by calling 1800 1 MINDA (64632), or emailing

Disability Choices will then arrange a time for you to meet with our Southern Disability Support team to help match your skills and work preferences against the wide range of opportunities available at Minda.

To be eligible for supported employment you must be on a Disability Support Pension and be over 18; if you’re under 18 but are a school-leaver or you are soon to finish school, Minda encourages you to get in contact to arrange a work trial.