Thank you for considering including a gift to Minda in your Will.


By leaving a bequest to Minda in your Will, you become a partner in our life changing work, leaving a lasting legacy for the future that will make a real and enduring contribution that will impact on the future of South Australians living with intellectual disability.

You can bequeath:

  • A percentage of an estate
  • A specified sum of money
  • A specified asset such as real estate, stocks and shares, insurance policies, personal effects
  • The residue of an estate, after specific provisions for other beneficiaries (eg family and friends) have been mentioned

You may wish to discuss with us the type of gift you intend to leave Minda to ensure that we are able to apply it appropriately to our work.

We also advise you to seek the advice of a solicitor or trustee company (such as Australian Executor Trustees Limited or Public Trustee) so that you can be sure your wishes are represented accurately in your Will.

For further information, please contact Minda on 8422 6200.

Or go to Australian Executor Trustees Limited or Public Trustee for more information.